Our vision

To belong to the best in the industry

We aim to successfully position all of our subsidiaries on the market so that they are sustainable and successful in the long term and are among the best in their sector.

As an owner-managed investment company, it has been our core business to develop companies for over 25 years now. In addition to a wealth of experience, we have everything we need to turn our vision for your company into reality: Capital, concepts, expertise and our special win-win culture.

Our goal

Long-term success

Business success begins with actually ‘doing business’ in the literal sense, i.e. becoming active, doing something. Doing something in a new, future oriented direction is part of NWI’s mission.

Our company goal: NWI subsidiaries should always become the best in their branch – in line with the principle of continuous improvement.

We do not believe in short-term investments, but instead focus on long-term success. We know that the conditions for this cannot simply be bought or determined in a controlling manner, but need to be developed. In addition to the necessary capital, we also place factors such as independence, partnership-based cooperation and personality at the heart of our consulting and operational work.

1 employees
in 2022
1 production locations
in 5 countries
1 countries
(incl. sales offices)
1 subsidiaries

NWI regional presence

NWI Group companies at a glance

  • NWI is owner-managed and has remained in the ownership of the Zech and Petrat families since it was founded in 1996.
  • Associated partner company of the internationally active Zech Group.
  • Currently (August 2023) 20 major subsidiaries with over 2,000 employees, focusing on system solutions and ergonomic technology in the office, system solutions for store and factory fittings as well as assembly systems for solar plants.
  • NWI has a market-leader position in the German office furniture segment.

International representation

  • 13 production plants in Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Brazil and the US
  • Further sales offices in Belgium, France, Austria, Slovakia, Hong Kong, Japan, China and Australia
  • NWI has majority shareholdings in manufacturing companies with multi-stage production and a high level of development expertise, and provides intensive in-house consulting support for their subsidiaries
  • Long-term strategy (buy and build)
Investment portfolio

The best in their branch

With our family-run holding company, we are active and market-leader in twelve countries.

Our subsidiaries
Working for NWI

NWI as an employer

At the NWI Group you can complete your task independently while working on par with your colleagues. Respect and trust are reflected in our work enviroment.

NWI Careers
The German Supply Chain Duty of Care Act (LkSG) and complaints portal

The German Supply Chain Duty of Care Act (LkSG) and complaints portal

We have set up a complaints portal that can be used to report information and complaints on human rights and environmental risks as well as violations of human rights and environmental obligations.

Further information on the Supply Chain Duty of Care Act (LkSG) and the complaints portal can be found here:

Complaints portal