Maturus Finance

Specialized leasing and asset based finance

The core business of this Hamburg-based company is to pave new ways for corporate financing – on the basis of precisely determined company data. Maturus Finance has been offering asset-based financing solutions for SMEs for 15 years, making it the German pioneer in this market segment.

The Sale & Lease Back, Sale & Buy Back and Asset Based Credit products provide fresh and freely usable liquidity that customers can use for bank-independent growth, the implementation of restructuring measures, the repayment of liabilities, company acquisitions and much more.

While banks regularly focus on creditworthiness, Maturus Finance focuses on the intrinsic value of mobile fixed and current assets, i.e. machinery and finished goods or raw materials inventories. Customers who, as medium-sized production or trading companies, are looking for a flexible and entrepreneurial partner to expand their financing structure will find this at Maturus Finance.


  • Financing solutions including sale & lease back and sale & buy back (installment plan) are offered from a volume of € 400k (current value of the machines) to € 15 million.
  • This overall corresponds to a company turnovers of between approx. € 5 million to € 200 million.

Overview, Market & Strategy

  • Financing company independent of banks
  • Contact for medium-sized production companies looking for alternatives to existing banking relationships within their current financing structure
  • Offers financing solutions for mobile fixed assets with an active secondary market


  • Founded in 2005
  • belonging to the NWI Group since 2013
  • Located in Hamburg
  • Bank licence for leasing